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"He’s constantly doing things he’s not supposed to as a Doctor, like helping people" - g.b.

What if every single Disney Villain was misunderstood? Like those bad guys, that evil witch, what if they are just as good and kind as the protagonist? Some villains are obvious, like they were jealous of their sibling, were stripped away of what they love, but at least we know their names… But what about the “other” ones?

This is my take and what I think could be the back story of these villains.

(Cinderella) The Evil Stepmother: Let’s take a moment to think about this one. This woman was a single mother raising two teenage girls. Maybe she divorced her last husband, then could not afford to splurge her two daughters (which she loves dearly). So the only way out of debt would be to marry a rich man. We know she hated Cinderella on sight, but why? Maybe Cinderella’s blonde hair and pretty face reminded her of the reason she divorced her husband … And the reason she made cinderella cook and clean and do all those ridiculous chores was not to necessarily punish Cinderella, but it was her passive aggressive way of dealing with the anger she had for the woman who stole the man she loved. 

(Snow White) The Evil Queen: All we know about her is that she married Snow White’s father after his wife died. When you think about it, the king did not marry the woman because he loved her, instead he married her so that Snow would have a mother figure in her life. But maybe the Queen always loved him. Of course he will always love Snow White’s mother and that’s maybe why it kills her so much inside. She’s in the tower all day pondering why he doesn’t love her — Usually when a guy doesn’t like a girl, the girl then feels like she’s not good enough, in those times, woman can only be beautiful because everyone was illiterate — I mean, she speaks to a “magic mirror”! So the Queen thought that the only way to make the king love her was to be beautiful. However the mirror says that Snow White is “the fairest of all the land”, and it dawns on her: how can she compete with the king’s daughter? So the Queen sets out to get rid of Snow white. Trying to kill Snow even after she is scared away by the huntsman was just something extra. However it backfires, and she remains the unfairest of all the land, in the end being ugly and never seeing the king again.

Now that’s tragedy.

This girl has sectorial heterochromia, like Mila Kunis.
I need a fucking awesome party! 

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